Monday, November 14, 2011

Story Time Monthly Specials and Hostess Rewards

This month is a great month to check out

There are some great sales for Christmas happening this month
and I am offering some incredible Hostess incentives.

So if you have ever been interested in 
purchasing some wonderful inspiring felt products 
this is the month.

And as an added bonus you will
be helping us raise money for our adoption
and getting Carlene home by next Christmas.

Of course, if you just want to place an order for
one of the adorable items that is always helpful too :)

Hostess Incentives are available on Parties closed by November 29th.
You can do on-line parties but if you can combine the cost of shipping  
that would be an added bonus.
Totals are before tax and shipping.

$50 - $199 = Hostess receives 10% in free product
 $200 - $599 = Hostess receives 15% in free product
PLUS one item at 50% off
$600 - $999 = Hostess receives 20% in free product
PLUS two items at 50% off
$1000 and over = Hostess receives 25% in free product
Plus 3 items at 50% off

This months specials include November and December Sales as long as ordered 
after November 15th.

Please contact me at if you are interested in hosting a party.
If you are interested in just ordering but you purchase products that would qualify as a party total you
can email me too and receive the same incentives.

Sale products cannot be used as 50% off items but can be used as free product.

On Sale in November

The following items are on sale this month:
Spend $50 and Get a Free Christmas Craft!When you purchase $50 in product you will
Receive a Christmas Sock!
(Additional Christmas Socks can be ordered for $4.99 uncut or $5.99 Pre-cut.)

Christmas Sock

Stuff this with goodies and take to your neighbors or use for your own children.
The sock is 13”

Save $2

Nov. Colors of Thanksgiving
Uncut $9.99 Pre-cut $11.99

Colors of Thanksgiving

These whimsical bugs cavort through the months, learning proper behavior in various situations as they celebrate holidays and seasons. Set includes a story telling about the months birthstone and flower.

Great for family gifts!

Save $10.00

Cottage Classics w/CD
Regularly starts at $42.99

The five most beloved fairy tales together in one great set! “Little Red Riding Hood,” “Goldilocks and the Three Bears,” “Stone Soup,” “The Shoemaker and the Elves,” and “Jack and the Beanstalk.” The CD tells each story and includes songs to help reinforce learning. Choose from a 15” x 23” or 23” x 31” mounted background. Comes with 64 appropriately sized figures, stories, coloring and sequencing pages, plus the CD!

Grandma’s Favorites w/CD 
Regularly starts at $52.99


Four Classic stories help your child’s creativity: “Three Little Pigs,” “Billy Goats Gruff,” “The Gingerbread Man,” and “Rapunzel.” The CD tells each story and includes songs to help reinforce learning. Includes a mounted background, 41 washable figures, printed stories, coloring and sequencing pages, plus the CD.

Tall Tales w/CD
Regularly starts at $59.99


This board set has seven different stories that are about some of our American folk heroes. This set includes Johnny Appleseed, Casey Jones, John Henry, Annie Oakley, Davy Crockett & Sally Ann Thunder, Pecos Bill & Sue Foot Sue, and Paul Bunyan. This set includes figures, background scene, coloring pages and CD. The CD has the story in word and song.

December Specials

$2 Off

Birth of Jesus
Uncut $8.99 Pre-Cut $10.99 For Toggle Size Figures
OR Save $3 on the Regular Size Figures Uncut $11.99 Pre-Cut $14.99

Birth of Jesus scripture set includes: figures, sequencing and coloring pages, and story.

Tale of Three Trees
Uncut $9.99 Pre-Cut $11.99

Three trees want to grow up to do wonderful things in this popular American folk tale. Their prideful dreams are not what is best or what God has in store for them. This is a great story to tell of Christ’s birth, ministry and sacrifice for us all. The set includes 16 figures and story.

Little Match Girl
Uncut $9.99 Pre-Cut $11.99

This Hans Christian Andersen’s story is an excellent way to introduce compassion and gratitude for what they have and the importance of helping others in time of need. Includes story and 13 figures.

The Christmas Train
Uncut $9.99 Pre-Cut $11.99

Two Christmas stories can be told with this set. These 16 figures can also be used to tell the popular story of the “Polar Express.”

Ten Little Angels
Uncut $9.99 Pre-Cut $11.99

Join the adventures of the ten little angels who come to earth to bless others. It’s a perfect story to bring the Christmas spirit of giving into your home. Includes 22 figures, poem and coloring book.

$3 Off

Twas The night Before Christmas
Uncut $10.99 Pre-Cut $14.99

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without telling the classic “T’was the Night before Christmas.” Now you can tell it with colorful felt using the Let’s Play House board background. Purchase “Let’s Play House” set and “T’was the Night Before Christmas” in the “Let’s Play House Deluxe” set and save.

Bugs 12 Days of Christmas
Uncut $10.99 Pre-Cut $13.99

These whimsical bugs cavort through the months, learning proper behavior in various situations as they celebrate holidays and seasons. Set includes a story telling about the months birthstone and flower. This set is also sold in the Holiday and Seasons Bug Collection.

Christmas Tree Countdown
Uncut $11.99 Pre-Cut $14.99

Count the days to Christmas as you place an ornament on the tree, a decoration in the home, or a present under the tree. When the picture is fully decorated it will be Christmas Day! Set includes Velcro on a 11″ x 14″ background, 25 figures, and literature explaining each symbol of Christmas.


It’s Christmas Toggle
Uncut $19.99 Pre-Cut $21.99

This toggle is perfect for keeping the little ones busy as they wait for Christmas day. Cozy up with this fun toggle and decorate the tree, hang stockings, make cookies, and dress Santa, all in felt. (May be included in a toggle collection set)

$5 Off

Advent Calendar
Uncut $19.99 Pre-Cut $22.99

Start a tradition in your home of counting each day until Christmas with Mary and Joseph on a donkey, winding their way to Bethlehem. When you reach Bethlehem use the figures of the wise men, shepherds, Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus to tell the story of the birth of Jesus. Set includes Velcro on an unmounted 18″ x 30″ background and 9 figures.

Bible Stories Toggle Deluxe
Uncut $44.99 Pre-Cut $54.99

This is a great condensed way to have five of your favorite Bible Stories in Toggle form. The deluxe set includes a Toggle Book which measures 11″ x 17″ and folds in half as a background to tell your stories on. Pick the five stories you want from the list at the provided link. You can add additional stories later by selecting from the individual Toggle Figures scripture story sets.
The set comes with toggle book, story, figures – figures average about 4″ high, sequencing and coloring pages and a vinyl toggle book bag for storage

Christmas Joys Activity Book
Uncut $18.99   Pre-Cut $28.99

It’s hard to wait for Christmas! This four page activity book makes the wait easier, as children play in Santa’s workshop, fly Santa across the sky, or peek in decorated windows. This is an excellent way to build family Christmas traditions.

$10 Off

Deluxe Let’s Play House w/CD
Uncut $49.99 Pre-Cut $57.99
This deluxe set includes: The Let’s Play House set which comes with a 23″ x 31″ mounted background, 80 figures the Safety and Manners CD, and T’was the Night Before Christmas.

$25 Off 

Bible Collection
Uncut $174.99 Pre-Cut $241.99
A $235 value! This collection includes 9 Old Testament Bible Stories: David and Goliath, Story of Joseph, Jonah & the Whale, Noah’s Ark, Daniel & the Lion’s Den, Moses, Abraham & Isaac, Job, and Ruth & Esther. Each set includes scriptural references, lesson ideas, coloring and sequencing pages, and the story. Plus an Ocean Board with overlays, Hillside Board with overlays, and a file case with 11 Velour Sheets for storage.

Buy a Stories of Jesus Collection and get an uncut Tale of Three Trees FREE!  A savings of $9.99

Set includes Birth, Miracles, Parables and Crucifixion of Jesus. It comes with scriptural references, lesson ideas, coloring, and sequencing pages for each story.

New Products

Nativity Set 
Uncut $16.99    Pre-cut $19.99
Now you can let your children play with a nativity set, just for them! The beautiful story of the birth will be cemented intotheir hearts asthey ‘play’thenativity scene over and over. The set has 32 figures the people are 4 inches tall. And like all of our feltthey are washable!

Snowman Countdown
Uncut and Unmounted $17.99
Uncut and Mounted $22.99
Add $2 for Pre-cut

Countdown the days to Christmas with the Snowman Countdown! Your children will love to put a piece on the snowman until Christmas if finally here. The set includes a background that measures 16 x 21 and 24 figures.